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Reviews on other stuff

This is a place too review/share/reccoment books and comics you have read, videogames you have played, (video)art exhibitions or other places you have visited, movie posters that have been released and more (so everything except movies and movie trailers)....

I wanted to make this one for a while already because i oftenly visit video and movie related exhibitions but feel there is not really a place to share this on the forums.

I might start by telling about the exhibition on Martin Scorsese in the Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam i saw this weekend. It was an intriguing exhibition on his life and his work full of items out of his own private collection. What i did miss where the props and set pieces from his films (which they did have more off during earlier exhibitions i visited there on Stanley Kubrick and the Quay Brothers). The permanent collection of the museum is really small and once you've seen it you will not have to rewatch what they do have which is kind of nice are the moviepods. The moviepods are tiny cinema spaces for a muximum of three people where you can sit and scroll through parts of their archive with feature films, documentaries, short films, cartoons, commercials, newsreels and more dating from 1899 untill 2010. Me and my girlfriend spend the rest of the day sitting in one of these pods after this exhibition just losing track of time. Might soon also write a little review on The Ascent a video-instalation/movie by Fiona Tan i saw in De Pont in Tilburg a couple of months ago.

I really hope that this forum will catch on and people here will start using it.