Hotmail launches five new features

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Hotmail launches five new features

hotmail sign in launches five new features, that is:
1. Smart Newsletter Filtering - This smart filter helps users mark and delete news or newsletters with one click or unsubscribe.

2. Classification and administration of advanced directories: This feature helps users choose to classify messages in the inbox rather than placing files in separate folders.

3. Scheduling cleanup messages - This feature will help users to automatically delete long files, clear out messages and reports that have expired. And users can also retain only the latest information from the sender

4. Flags done right - Mark through the Flags flag, to keep the user's message priority message at the top of the hotmail outlook mailbox. Users will no longer have to mark "unread" status or resend emails to themselves to keep them in the user's preferred queue.

5. Fast action - is the button that will appear when users mouse through the e-mail to help users can delete, flag, scan the mail ... with just one click. Users can now optimize their own interface for mailboxes by deleting or adding and taskbar buttons for the most commonly used functions.